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The name of this organization shall be League of Women Voters of Arkansas, hereinafter referred to in these bylaws as LWVAR, or as the League. This League is an integral part of the League of Women Voters of the United States, hereinafter referred to in these bylaws as LWVUS.


Purposes and Policy

Sec. 1. Purposes. The purposes of the LWVAR are to promote citizen responsibility through informed and active participation in government and to act on selected governmental issues.

Sec. 2. Political Policy. The League shall not support or oppose any political party or any candidate.



Sec. 1. Eligibility. Any local league member or member at large who subscribes to the purposes and policy of the League of Women Voters shall be eligible for membership.

Sec. 2. Type of Membership.

    A. Voting Members. Local league members and members at large shall be voting members of LWVAR and LWVUS.

    B. Associate Members. All others who join LWVAR shall be associate members. 1 of 7


Leadership Team

Sec. 1. Election: Qualifications and Term. The Leadership Team of LWVAR shall consist of six (6) directors elected at the annual Council meeting, who shall serve for two-year terms or until their successors have been elected or appointed and qualified. All directors shall be voting members of the League. Vacancies may be filled by vote of the remaining members of the Leadership Team. Each active local league in Arkansas shall have at least one (1) representative on the Leadership Team

Sec. 2. Officers. The Leadership Team shall act as officers of the LWVAR. The Leadership Team shall designate which team members shall perform such duties as customarily pertain to the office of president and treasurer, including spokesperson for the League, signing and endorsing checks and drafts, maintaining deposits in authorized financial institutions and for review of the books.

Sec. 3. Powers. The Leadership Team shall manage and supervise the business affairs and activities of the LWVAR, subject to the instructions of the annual LWVAR Council meeting. It shall accept responsibility for such other matters as the LWVUS national board may, from time to time, delegate to it. It shall have the power to create such special committees as it deems necessary and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws.

Sec. 4. Duties. As a condition of recognition by the LWVUS national board, the Leadership Team of LWVAR shall designate one of its members to perform each of the following tasks:

    A. Preside over Leadership Team, membership and public meetings, and to serve as spokesperson for the LWVAR.

    B. Handle any and all money matters for the LWVAR, including dues collection and renewal, prepare financial statements, and, with the assistance of the remaining members of the Leadership Team, prepare a budget and plan to raise funds for the LWVAR. 2

    C. Maintain regular contact with local leagues: notify leagues of LWVAR Council meetings and provide reports of Council and Leadership Team meetings to local leagues.

    D. Create, with input from the remaining members of the Leadership Team, a statewide program, using member volunteers and community partners that may include observing state government, advocating on LWVAR issues, or studying the State and State government.

Sec. 5. Meetings. At least three (3) regular meetings of the Leadership Team shall be held annually. The Leadership Team may designate one member, or the members may share the responsibility, to prepare an agenda for each such meeting, with input from the remaining members of the Leadership Team or the chair of any appropriate off-board committee and to ensure that the minutes are kept of all meetings of the Leadership Team and of the annual Council meeting. The presiding member may call special meetings and shall call a special meeting upon the written request of two (2) other members of the Leadership Team. Three (3) consecutive absences from regular team meetings, without excuse, shall constitute a resignation.

Sec. 6. Quorum. A majority of the members of the LWVAR Leadership Team shall constitute a quorum. Any one or more members of the team may participate in a meeting by means of conference telephone or similar method allowing all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other at the same time. Participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at a meeting. If necessary, due to weather or other causes, the Leadership Team can meet via conference call or distance conferencing devices.



Sec. 1. LWVAR Council shall meet annually at least one (1) month prior to LWVUS Convention or Council. The Leadership Team shall determine the time and place of the Council meeting. At Council, the Leadership Team is elected in 3 alternating years, a budget is adopted and bylaws changes are approved. Special meetings may be called by the Leadership Team or upon written request of ten percent (10%) of the voting members. Each local league will have one (1) representative to Council for each 30 members. A local league shall have one (1) representative to Council even if the local league has fewer than 30 members.

Sec. 3. Quorum: Twenty-five percent (25%) of the eligible delegates shall constitute a quorum at all Council meetings of the LWVAR, provided that written notice of the meeting is sent to the membership at least one month in advance.


Nominations and Elections

Sec. 1. Nominating Committee. The Leadership Team is responsible for succession planning. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members. The Chair and one (1) member shall not be members of the Leadership Team and shall be elected at the Council meeting. Immediately following the Council meeting, the Leadership Team shall appoint one of its members to the Committee. The term of office shall be for two (2) years. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Leadership Team.

Sec. 2. Report of the Nominating Committee. The report of the Nominating Committee, containing its nominations for Leadership Team and the chair and members of the Nominating Committee, shall be sent to the members one (1) month before the Council meeting. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be presented to the Council meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor immediately thereafter, provided consent of the nominee has been obtained.

Sec. 3. Elections: Election shall be by ballot; except, if there is only one nominee for each Leadership Team position, it shall be by a voice vote. A majority vote shall constitute election. 4


Principles and Program

Sec.1. Principles. The Principles are concepts of government adopted by the LWV national convention and supported by the League as a whole. These principles are the authorization for the adoption of national, state, and local program.

Sec. 2. Program. The program of the LWVAR shall consist of action to implement the Principles and those governmental issues chosen by the Council meeting for concerted study and action, provided that, as a condition of recognition by the LWVUS, the LWVAR shall act only on existing state or national positions. The Leadership Team shall recommend to the membership, at the annual Council meeting, a program of work focused on the State. Program of work, as used in these bylaws, may be in the form of observing State government, advocating on a League position, or educating the membership and the community on the structure and services of the State government. The annual Council meeting may adopt the Leadership Team recommended program or any similar program of work, provided that any program of work adopted by the LWVAR shall focus on the State.

Sec. 3. Program Action. Members may act in the name of the LWVAR only when authorized to do so by the Leadership Team. They act only in conformity with, and not contrary to, a position taken by LWVAR and LWVUS.


Financial Administration

Sec. 1. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the LWVAR shall commence on the first of July of each year.

Sec. 2. Dues. Annual dues shall be payable on the first day of July of each year. Any member joining after January 1 shall pay one half of the dues for that year. Any member who fails to pay dues within three months after they become payable shall be dropped from the membership rolls. 5

Sec. 3. Budget. An annual budget shall be prepared by the Leadership Team and shall be published to the membership no less than one month prior to the annual Council meeting. The budget, as presented, may be amended at the Council meeting and shall be adopted at the annual Council meeting by a majority vote.

Sec. 4. Distribution of Funds on Dissolution. In the event of the dissolution of the LWVAR, all monies and securities, at that time that may be owned or under the control of the LWVAR, shall be paid on a pro rata basis to local leagues, after the national per member payments and other obligations have been met. All other property of whatsoever nature, whether real, personal, or mixed, that at the time may be owned by or under the control of LWVAR, shall be disposed of to such public, charitable, or educational use and purposes as the Leadership Team in its absolute discretion may designate.


Parliamentary Authority.

The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the organization, in all cases to which they are applicable and not inconsistent with these bylaws.



These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the eligible delegates at the annual Council meeting, provided that the proposed amendments were submitted to the membership in writing at least one month in advance of the meeting.

Adopted _4/12/14_

Amended _______________ 6

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